RAIN People.

Founders. Investors. RAIN Makers. All are smart risk takers. They value getting things done over just talking or advising. With an inner compass for excellence. They have a need for speed. They are experimenters, going where success, value and wealth takes them. RAIN.


RAIN Makers. Your Time is Money.

You are a domain expert. You are an investor. You are an angel. You want wealth reward for your time, skills and experience and for the risks you take. You want to make a meaningful impact. Now turn your time, skills and experience into wealth. Do it on RAIN.

Move Fast.

Speed to revenues will make or break your venture. Get the best revenue partners who share the risks and hurdles. Domain experts, networkers, closers who get things done and have the know-how. With a co-investor mindset. Get there on RAIN.

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